#Moveoutside365 Week 10 Review

I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. This running everyday thing and moving outside is flying by! Start today, you are missing out on the fun.

March 5 2 miles at lunch 50 and sunny awesome.
March 6 2 miles alone
March 7 2 miles rain Mitch
March 8 2 miles in rain alone
March 9 1 mile at Powderhorn
March 10 4 miles Moab
March 11 2 miles run rain lunch 45 with Mitch
Week 10 total 15 miles
Year total         149.92 miles  Wow!! This is cool!!
Word of the Week.
It’s never too Late to Start!
It’s been wet and running in the rain lately, but that is OK. Being outside is satisfying no matter what the weather. You appreciate all the things that you see, be it rain or shine and the clothes on your back and the people that you talk with. When you tell others what you are doing, they then reflect on their day to day and begin to say, Hey, I can do something like this too.
So get out and begin no matter how many days of the year are left,

#Moveoutside365 Week 9 Review

The rain has been falling but the running is still great!
Feb 26 2 miles at lunch 50 degrees, first time My hands haven’t gone numb on the run! No Mitch today
Feb 27 2 miles 45 with Mitch felt slow but it was sub 7:30 pace
Feb 28 1 mile, at home with a sick son. 45 degrees
March 1 1 mile at home after work. All day conference rain
March 2 1 mile after skiing
March 3 4 miles rough canyon with Rowan
March 4 2 miles at 8pm after long day
Week 9          13   Mile total
Total miles   134.92
I am feeling pretty good after the low week.
Word of the Week. “Change”
I have changed my climbing training program from power work to endurance. That change has made me feel really weak with completing routes. My running is unaffected. It is interesting to see how little running impacts other training and fitness. What it does improve is cardiovascular health and that is important for healthy living.
Stay outside and stay healthy and put down your tech!
180 ft arete on my newest route in the desert.

#Moveoutside365 Week 8 Update

Some days I just feel like Sh*t! Today is one of those days where I felt bad training and everything feels off, but I keep going. I am not running to improve my climbing but to improve my overall fitness and to show others that you can get outside and use your tech less.

Week 8
Feb 19 2 miles at lunch, 34 degrees with Mitch cold!
Feb 20 2 miles at lunch cold 25 degrees
Feb 21 2 miles at lunch 35 degrees felt warm!
Feb 22 2 miles snowing 32 degrees not too bad. Snow getting in my eyes
Feb 23 1 mile skiing day powder day
Feb 24 2.2 mile hike to Moab climb
Feb 25 2 miles at lunch, 40 degrees feeling nice
Week 8 Total: 13.2 miles
Year Total:      121.92
Word of the Week “Age”
As I get older, I am feeling that my recovery time has to increase. This is just how it works with our bodies, we need more time to recover. My running times are dropping a little each week, but my climbing is feeling unsteady. I am not sure if it is from fighting a cold, going through a power training session or just from me being busy. Either way it is all a journey and I am learning more at this stage of my life than I have as a younger athlete. Psyched for more miles and my summer ultra challenge.

#Moveoutside365 Week 7 Update

Things are going well. I survived a cold and feeling under the weather and am still running!

Feb 11 2 mile at school feeling sick head ache sunny 45 degrees
Feb 12 1 mile walk exhausted 30 degrees
Feb 13 1 mile jog, sore throat 32 degrees
Feb 14 2 mile felt good. 42 degrees cloudy with Mitch
Feb15 2.2 hike river road, establish new line on pseudo tower with Brent. 45 degrees
Feb 16 2.2 miles bolting new arete with Brent cold carrying lots of hardware
Feb 17 2.2 miles to new route 35 degrees
Week Total: 12.6 miles
Year Total: 108.72
Sticking with it even when it’s hard. That is what this is all about! I got to put on a bunch of this weeks miles while new routing which was fun! I also established an awesome arete in the desert! Stay tuned for images. Find the climber on the arete!!

#Moveoutside365 Week 6 Update

Things got tough this last week. I felt sick and had to travel and even limit the daily miles.
But I am still on target.
Feb 5 2 miles at lunch felt good, windy warm 45 degrees
Feb 6 1 mile snowing windy alone felt ill at school.
Feb 7 4 miles hike in book cliffs with high school kids.
Feb 8 1 mile 10pm Durango cold! Drive after parent teacher conferences
Feb 9 1mile 10pm Durango ski purgatory
Feb 10 1 mile neighborhood 9pm ski purgatory
Feb 11 2 mile at school
Week 6 Total 12 Miles

Total Miles: 96.12

Word of the Week: “Roll with It”

I had bigger plans of increasing speeds and distances by later this month but a lingering cold and traveling caught me and slowed me down. Sometimes I just get to walk at mile at lunch and other times at 10pm in the freezing cold when I want to go to sleep. Just keep getting outside and it will be ok!

Stay with it! Family ski day and Purgatory


#Moveoutside365 Week 5 Update

I am still on track for getting out everyday and I feel wonderful because of it!
29 2 miles with Mitch lunch 30 degrees first cramp
30 1 mile walk fast at lunch with Mitch(he has a cold coming too) feel a cold coming on. 33 degrees
31 1 mile walk fast still fighting a cold lunch
Feb 1 2 miles at lunch, ran fast, felt good, mostly over my cold. Ran alone, 40 degrees and sunny. Only slept till 130am last night, sleepy
Feb 2 2.25 miles after skiing around house 45 degrees.
Feb 3 Moab 4 miles bushwack 45 500ft vertical found some new climbs to do
Feb 4 2 miles at lunch no Mitch he is sick. 45 degrees baller outside, totally wish I was climbing
Week 5 Total :14.25
Total Miles:     84.12
Word of the Week “Surprise”
Don’t be surprised when your week plans change and it is all of a sudden a real challenge to get your runs in or your moving outside! You will just have to go with the changes and adapt. This week my partner got sick, the weather crapped out, but I still got outside and it was great fun. I found two new routes to establish way off the beaten path and I look forward to taking on the new challenges!
piz hike

Pizem Slide Show Feb 9, Durango, CO

Come and hear my presentation about returning from my broken back!

In the summer of 2006 Mike Anderson and I attempted to get the first free ascent of a Royal Robbins aid line on Half Dome in Yosemite National Park called Arcturus. At the end of that trip, I left with a broken back. Come and find the rest and how I responded!

Backcountry Experience in Durango, CO

Saturday night!

Hope to see you there!!!

#Moveoutside365 Week 4 Update

Week 4

22 2 miles, lunch run with Mitch.  30 and cold felt ok.
23 2 miles lunch run with Mitch, stayed in road today, fast. Cold 25 degrees.
24 2 miles 30 degrees ran opposite way on loop and ran 7:15 miles. Mitch is dragging me along to faster and faster times. Felt good though. Bad nights rest, been up since just after midnight due to my youngest wetting the bed and not being able to fall back asleep. Tired morning of training also.
25 1 mile at 630am 20 degrees, from oil change shop and the other 1 mile at lunch. Felt good.was a tad bit slower but enjoyed not being out of breath..
26 2.2 miles after skiing 30 degrees felt good
27 2 mile unaweep hike to mother’s buttress and run in neighborhood 35 degrees
28 7 mile 35 degree Dominguez Escalante hike with class
Week 4 Total 19.2 miles
Total: 69.87 miles!
Word of the Week
With a year long process the change will come with time and after persistence. Initially there will be a lot of change and then it will level off and then it will come again. You may not be able to see it, but you will feel it in all that you do. I am enjoying the process so far and in about two weeks will hit my first hundred miles of consistent running. I can see already how my times are dropping and how different it feels to start each run. What a fun challenge to pursue!! Keep at it!
1006181442.jpgKeep smiling though the tough and low motivation times.

#Moveoutside365 Week 3 Update

January Week 3

15   2 miles with Mitch, fast pace 30 degrees

16  2 miles with Mitch snowing but warm, all road run today, 35 degrees

17  2 miles at lunch, t-shirt weather 38 degrees Mitch keeps pushing our pace, I keep breathing hard to keep up. We had our third teacher join us today, becca. I am shooting for 6 teachers running at lunch by the end of the school year!

18  2 miles lunch 40 degrees cold wind 7.30 pace. Feeling out of breath Mitch pushes the pace cause it’s his comfort zone. It will take time for me to be comfortable there. I do it but I get worked.

19  2 miles, 1 mile of approaches to crags. 1 mile run in city. 9 degrees in morning 45 degrees in afternoon.

20  1.14 miles around block at house 35 degrees skied all day, set routes at the gym the night before. Feeling slow and tired.

21  2 miles running 35 degrees at lunch with Mitch

Week Total: 13.14 miles

Year Total:  50.67 miles!

Behavior of the Week

“Think 1 Stride at a Time” Sometimes when I am not running but still have to go running for the day, I begin to dread the run. Then after the run, I am psyched that I went and it actually went well. My point is that even though you might feel tired or unmotivated, that once you get going you will enjoy the run, being outside and the work that you accomplished. Each individual step will move you outside and move you forward. Do not hesitate to keep moving one stride at a time.

0408171649This is an older photo of my boys riding bikes, but we were riding this weekend! January bike riding in the cold, it was great!