Crested Butte

This is a wall I was scouting at the Black Canyon for new route potential (its about 2000ft tall)

“How you doing?”

Wild flowers at Crested Butte.

Getting my corn on the cob fix.

Great weekend with mywife, brother-in-laws and friends in Crested Butte, Colorado.
We spent the time running, climbing, mountain biking, and watching the duck race during the art festival.

I have some pictures to share. The video is from Long Lake where I did some ealy morning swimming off the rope swing. The climbing is from Cement creek (with Dave and Ali) and the biking from the 401 trail near Gothic.
Its nice to go away for the weekend and forget about life for a while. Crested Butte is the perfect place to find happiness in the mountains and is an easy place to say yes to visit.

For me the whole expereince is what I cherish, the driving, the scenery, filling up the gas tank, sleeping in a new place, and of course the people.

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