the last moves of the crux of Arcturus 5.13+ Half Dome, Yosemite National Park (summer 2007)

trying to stay dry at the beginning of my new route Walking on Water 5.12+ Zion Narrows, Springdale, Utah (march 2009)

This week has been a good one. I got to work with a former student before he headed off to the military. A caving trip was all he wanted before he completed his enlistment and that is where we went. The fault cave in Golden, CO isn’t much of a cave but it allows first timers to crawl around, explore dark corners and feel what its like to be in total darkness. Those more adventurous take the extra time to seek out new places and the unknown and those getting their feet wet, enjoy the safety of being near the guide. I have traveled through many caves and have been to Fault many many times and its always a great feeling to bring someone there who has that thrill and excitement pulsing through their mind. Each time that I go through the tight slots and scary drop offs I refill my need to be underground.
I also learned a lot about the lives of the students that I teach at my high school. Each have very different lives and perspectives on how things work. Some have expereinced all that is good and some are still scraping by cause things are out of control. I know how it was when I went to school and either most kids had it pretty good or all that is said and shared today was just swept under the rug. Each day I stand up in front of my students I know that I may be the only thing that is consistant in their life, the only thing they care about, the one thing that they hate most or any other number of influences. But the important thing is that I am here and that they keep on showing up. As long as we both keep trying, things will get better even if they are already great. I am impressed by the stories of those students who step up when their family is in need and offer to pay for food, clothing, rent and car parts. Its examples of caring and love like that help me believe that no matter how things look in the real world and no matter how the youth or adults of the world seem to make poor decisions that things can and will get better.

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