Bring It On

Fjordland means bridges over deep glacier carved vallies. This is one of the many huge bridges that we crossed as we headed deeping into the island country of Lofoton. The water is clear and there is a ton of vegetation on the shoreline.

One of the many spectacular waterfalls that we passed while in Norway and Sweden. These things freeze up in the winter and become amazing ice climbing routes just a few minutes hike from the road!

Sunset on saturday at the Cherry Creek State Park outside Denver. I was going to post a nice shot of Jane not wearing too much while laying out, but I figured I shouldn’t. But she looked NICE! : )

Her she comes as the thunderstorm builds off to the east of the park. I took this one while roller blading.

Jane and I at breakfast saturday morning. Tasty blueberry pancakes and delicious green chili’s on the eggs! I was having a bad hair day!

The past few days have been great. This weekend I was able to climb a bit, go on a long 7-8 mile rollerblade training skate. Even got to good old Costco and saw the world of huge everything. I always wondered where people found those giant bags of flower or gallons of pasta sauce. They did have a wicked meat department though and we bought a bunch of avacodo’s mmmm. : )
Jane ran a ton of miles and humored me by biking next to me as we visited the Cherry Creek State park just outside of Denver. We went all the way around the reseviour, past the shooting range, the campground, the radio controlled plane zone, a swamp of two and the marina. Once we actually found the good bike path that was smooth we were cruising and enjoying the afternoon sun. At the end after the big hills, I was very fatigued because I had to push Jane up all the hills on her cruiser. For some reason she didn’t mind them at all!

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