How Time Fly’s

Dad and I hiking on top of Mt. Evans during a late August snow!

Mom and dad in Colorado Springs, enjoying the scenery.

I found this big horn sheep horn and was getting closer to my inner child.

It seems like yesterday when I was living in Austria and climbing on the Untersberg after work! Limestone multipitch sport climbing with good friends!

The hike up to the Untersberg. About 1500 feet of perfect alpine limestone after only an hours hike from the car.

I felt sad when my parents left town this weekend. It was after they left that I realized that I hadn’t seen them since December of last year. We had a great time visiting Mt Evans, taking some short hikes and enjoying good food together. I miss having them close, to when I could always see them whenever I wanted. I guess that is what growing up and moving out of the state does. I guess that I just have to make sure that I cherish those precious times together and make sure that they occur more often. I am glad that one of my sisters is pregnant, it gives me another reason to visit home and be with my family more.
But until then, I will make the most of my time here in Denver, Colorado with my wife and continue working to make our dreams come true!

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