Labor Day 2009

Chuck F just took this photo of me in the classroom. Always helping the kiddies.

Fall slowly coming to Lander!

Cool limestone formations at the crag.

Jamie getting it done at the Iris.

Yes, I am that flexible. Climbing at the Sinks Canyon.

A last look at the Iris before heading home.

We set out towards Wyoming to sport climb at Wild Iris near Lander.(Later after the trip someone said to me, I didn’t know that you still sport climbed. I lauged) So, the drive went surprisingly smooth and we made it to camp after about 6 hours of car time. My back and butt were sore from the bucket seats of my wifes car. The full moon rose big and bright as it crawled up over the horizon. The Wyoming highways were empty except for the other travelers heading into the stix. Kelly and I met up with Mike and Mark and Kate at the crag saturday morning and we were off. Mike had spent the last year in Ohio for work and felt the 8500 ft elevation as we began climbing in the shade. As the day progressed our fingers and climbing styles got used to the pocket pulling that is required at the Wild Iris.

We hiked to the crags through the open prarie and then down through the pine and aspen forests which were just beginning to turn yellow for the fall. Each afternoon the clouds built and rain appeared to the north and south, but luckily missed the rocks that we were playing on.

When Mike half the crew was ready for rest, Kelly and I found some other friends at another wall and laughed the afternoon away clipping bolts and taking whippers.

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