cirque and norway

Somewhere above a small town in Lofoton, Norway. It’s 3 am and it’s just not dark out!

Hiking the wrong trail to the first climb of our Norway trip. Notice the ferns that thrive in the Arctic Circle.

Finally out of the car and planes after leaving the states in June. Its about midnight in Lofoton, Norway and what better thing to do than to start rock climbing! Here A-Burr and Brian and Ari and Mike are exploding the van and looking for geat and proper clothing.

Jane and I at the Cirque du Soliel. She looks really nice : )

Random school photo of my oscar (the fish) he has a giant grasshopper in his mouth! He is a serious eater and normally bites the heads off of what he is eating. Today was a treat for him.
Well it was bound to happen sometime, Jane and I had a night on the town.
It was awesome! Neither of us had been to the cirque du soliel before and
we each were amazed with the performance. Props to all the skilled gymnasts.
They make all of us common folks look weak and pathetic. I’ll stick to my rocks.

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