New Bouldering

playing on a new problem at the Peacock Boulders.

Just before I fell and landed on two crash pads (at separate times/that means I bounced off the first and flew onto the next one before rolling down the hillside in the pine needles)

Chuck in the worst light ever! These problems were sharper and more powerfull that we imagined.

Chuck at the base of the first wall we developed. I think the top out is nearly 20+ feet tall. I was nervous since I didn’t have my highball bouldering head just yet. Chuck just looks bloated, he’s not really that chubby!

View of Cuchara ski resort and the wonderful fall colors.

Once I recovered from the river trip it was time to get back to work.
Chuck and I headed south to a place near La Veta, Colorado to develop some Dakota sandstone boulders. Chuck makes movies, crushes rocks, drives a cool car and has turned into a genuinely nice guy. (it has taken years but it finally happened) Anyway, we were able to stay at my in-laws house right across the street and it’s an awesome place with more knick-knacks on the walls and tables and everywhere, it really makes you feel like you are at home.
We got out there even though Chuck “forgot” his wallet and we headed up the hill to seek out dream boulders and new problems. Chuck was a bit skeptical about my description of the area but believed once we found some stone to play on. In all after two days of hiking, scrubbing, and falling we developed nearly 20 problems, left a ton of work and boulder problems to be climbed!
It was a perfect fall weekend, cool temperatures and beautiful scenery.
Some of the problems are pretty tall, some are crimpy and sharp and some are complete with huge hand holds. There is plenty to do for all abilities and so much more to go in. I will be heading back to eventually bolt some sport lines and do some more bouldering!

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