The rAcE

On the Fisher Towers freeing the moves with my CAMP helmet and Arcteryx’s Dually Belay Jacket and R-320 harness in the freezing temps. AHH YEAH.

Hanging around on my roof crack project in the South Platte, Colorado.

My beautiful wife, Jane : )

This is the weekend that my wife Jane has been training for months for.

The Moab Ultimate XC is a 56km race through the desert, all off trail, all burly.
She has to climb up clifflines over the Colorado river, scramble through boulders and make her way through sandy slot canyons. She rules! I posted a wedding shot of us. Yeah, I got married in my Arcteryx Spotter pants. : )
So, I have been letting my fingers heal for a week now.
They are close to being able to be used again!
Yeah!! This week off I have have had time to take care of stuff at home and work with a new client at the climbing gym. A climber who has been climbing longer than I have been alive and still aggressive and wanting to improve! It is really fun to work with folks who are ready to take a closer look at their talents and modify what they have been doing in the name of improving.
I think that improving at anything requires the ability to constantly self monitor and evaluate.
Look closely at your habits, movements, strengths and weaknesses and dissect them and adjust them for whatever goal you are shooting for. I have had to do this on many a routes in order to complete them.

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