Cool Days Climbing Tip Number 3

Its been pretty cold here in Denver the last week or so and most climbers have been stuck climbing indoors. My advice to all you folks pulling on plastic is to make sure that you take the time to warm up properly.
It is easy to get all excited at the chance to boulder and lead indoors after being stuck inside for days, but be careful not to make this winter a time for recovery instead of a time to build strength and power. Warm up you arms, shoulders, fingers hands and stretch your legs. Any series of common excersizes will do the job, but just do them! You and your body will love you when spring time is just around the corner and you are not nursing a lingering finger or shoulder injury!

I head to Mexico on Friday for the Climb a Thon in Potrero Chico!
Continue to make donations and support any quality local causes.

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Rob Pizem

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