South Platte Rock Climbing

I was out climbing on the granite of the South Platte in Colorado and found a roof crack that looks more like a butt crack. I didn’t get a chance to try it on this winter afternoon because of the days plans but I will be back for the first ascent!

Ben underneath the three quarter inch right angling crack that we were able to climb last weekend. My friend Jason shared the route with us and I was able to figure out the crux moves and climb it without falling. We called it the Icicle because while on the climb, Ben threw an icicle from the route at Jason and hit him square in the shoulder from 40 feet away. Good times. It is just another reminder that there are many first ascents to be opened up in the Platte. This new climb goes at about 5.10+/5.11-.

Ben cleaning the gear off the Bad Juju roof. Jason invited me to check it out this weekend. Its a great short climb with perfect hand jams out a roof. You can see that it climbs pretty steep and really throws a great pump at your forearms.

Ben beginning the Bad Juju roof in the South Platte. After the 40 minute uphill approach this short route will make you work for the anchors.
Great stone and great gear and wonderful views make it worth the hike and drive.

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