Indian Creek In January

Mike and I at the crag. T-shirts while climbing in the 22 degree temps and jackets at the belay! We spent the day at the Cat Wall nearly all alone.

Sometimes the clouds came and I had to wear my favorite Arcteryx top while climbing. It was a real bummer… NOT! Mike just bought some new cams and it was really nice having cams that work and actually trigger in the desert.

Mike on the King Cat (I think). It is a lie back to hands to fists to a hand crack through the roof. Great fun with some killer rests! A real classic at the Creek.

Waking up after sleeping out at the creek. Wasn’t too cold at night, especially after making pasta and listening to playoff football on the radio. Sitting out under the stars in my warm Arcteryx clothes is easy cause they are so warm and cozy.

From I-70 it didn’t look good on the way to the Creek. But as usual it was perfect when we got there.

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