Climbing/Training Tips

So here are two things to keep in mind while thinking about training.

If you are interested in training or at least applying the logic of training to your climbing schedule, remember this:

  1. You can train grip, strength, power, crimps, face, overhangs, roofs, pockets and movements in variety of ways, as long as you are doing it repeatedly you will get better. This is just like going climbing or doing certain exercises once or twice a week. Time will improve your weaknesses (if you train them) but it will be slow.
  2. Or you can get specific and apply a regime to your training and make it a cycle. This requires dedication and a major commitment to giving up the time to follow thru with your plan. You will reap greater rewards (most likely faster too), but at a greater cost of giving up the “other” stuff in your life.

Remember this though, there isn’t a shortcut to improvement. Everything takes time, you get what you put into your workout and no more.

Always feel free to send me questions in the comments section and I will do my best to answer them asap. Since I do not know everything about training, I will always consult those who do or who are more knowledgable about the subject. But I will always share what I do know or what personal expereince has told me.

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