The North Face Movie Review

TO BE THE FIRST TO CLIMB THE FAMOUS, NOTORIOUS EIGER NORTH FACE—THE DREAM OF MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS FROM ALL OVER EUROPE IN THE SUMMER OF 1936.Based on a true story, NORTH FACE is a gripping adventure drama about a competition to climb the most dangerous rock face in the Alps. In July of 1936 – less than a year after the most recent and fatal attempt, two top German mountaineers, Toni Kurz (BENNO FÜRMANN) and Andi Hinterstoisser (FLORIAN LUKAS), take up the challenge to become the first to scale the infamous rock face, the so-called Murder Wall.

So, I went and watched this movie on Friday night at the American Alpine Club in Golden, Colorado and was happily surprised. Unlike the typical climbing movies currently being made where there isn’t a plot or a reason to care what you are about to see, this is the true story of mountaineers and it’s awesome. I felt the movie was filmed in a way to make you feel like you were on the mountain experiencing what challenges and elation that the climbers were going through. It was filmed on location and in the Alps, which is always beautiful, and there was plenty of humor to soften the mood. A love story, a story of an unclimbable mountain and a story of overcoming the odds. I highly recommend the North Face movie if you are into the mountains, history, and mountaineering.

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One thought on “The North Face Movie Review

  1. I saw the NorthFace recently, and it's well worth a watch, even though youknow how the story's going to end. It's more-or-less accurate too, although it does take one or two dramatic liberties – e.g. Hinterstoisser's demise is fictionalised, and the whole sub-plot of the girl – that left me thinking “what – the real story didn't have enough drama for you??” – but it's still a very well made film, and absolutely harrowing to watch.

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