Looking Around

At the end of my hike last weekend I found this set up at the end of the road. One and half hours of cruising along only to find this at the end of the road. Notice the large no trespassing sign in the upper right. So, I turned around and headed back to the truck.

I thought that it was funny that they kept road signs up on closed forest roads. As far as I know you aren’t able to drive them since they are gated and locked. Although the signs look amazingly new and well kept!

This is just after I made it through the fire burn area and entered the trees. I rested a moment, drank some water and saw the elk moving through the forest below. I snapped a photo with my limited camera. If you look hard at the upper center of the photo you can see the elk. (make sure that you click to enlarge the photo first)

This is where my hike began. On a windy and cold morning. I had to wear a neck gaiter to keep the chill out while hiking. Passing through an old burn zone. It was cool looking at how the rocks responded to the quick heating of the area as the flames past through years ago. some peeled like onions where others were slightly charred. I was heading to the mountains off in the distance.

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