Getting Ready

The weather has been so crazy this winter. It has been tough to make plans to go anywhere or do anything outside that required sunshine and no storms on the horizon.
I have had plans to go to Moab, and Zion smashed by winter storm after winter storm.
But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I have been training and remaining focused.
My conditioning phase is coming together in these last two weeks and I feel confident that I will have success in finding a new route to climb in Zion starting after the first week in March during my spring break. It has been driving me crazy how the weather has continued to keep me in the gym for so many consecutive weekends.

Jane and I have been looking at running races to enter for next year and its a tough decision that is for sure. I hope to do my first half marathon this year, but I would like it to be off road. My knees may not like the bashing on the pavement.
The next two weeks will be filled with packing and prepping for another Zion adventure. Let’s just hope the weather stays consistent for a little while.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. Awesome photo Rob. Is that from the roof crack in Moab i've found scattered info about here and there? Whats the story on that? Have you done a post in the past about it that i missed? P.S. The blog continues to inspire. As a grad student, its awesome to read about someone who holds down a full time job and still climbs hard all over the world.

  2. Thanks Eric, Andy Burr took this one when I began working the route. I have not sent yet and hope to this year. It has caused me great frustration and I actually have to climb it in a shoe that I cut the toes off to fit them into the crack. I tape my toes so they don't bleed.
    I am just trying to suck the most out of life and lucky that I have a supportive wife and a body that is hanging in there from all the training/running and everything else. Be well and maybe we will bump into each other sometime!
    piz : )

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