To Suffer or Not To Suffer

A photo when I was living in Salzburg, Austria and climbing at Schlierwasserfal (I may have spelled it wrong) Anyway, this was a great day of climbing as long as we werent under the collapsing waterfall.

I am considering heading to a route that I put up last year to attempt to reclimb it for a video by Chuck Fryberger, the problem is that its next to a ski resort, has a hike uphill for about 35-40 minutes in deep snow, it will be 30 degrees and cloudy, and will be difficult to send.

On the other hand, snowshoeing for a sport climb would be fun. The folks filming are a blast to hang out with, and my hands and feet will eventually warm up. Right? Who knows, but it sounds like a good time. We will be cold, sweaty, cold, numb, and did I mention cold. The wall is north facing and overhanging, the chances of winter sun are slim to none. But we have to get this thing shot, so I am feeling like suffering. (today at least) When the video short is completed, I will feel better and I know anyone who watches it will enjoy. Here’s to another cold and snowy weekend. Glad I will have all my warm and durable clothes from Arcteryx. Plus grandma Peacock will be just a few minutes away with some warm hot coco.

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