Denver Action

Coming back to Denver because of the bad weather in Zion has been a good thing.
For one I got spend some more time with my wife.
Secondly, I had time work and send the crux pitch only of Comprometido, the South Platte roof route that Jason Haas completed just a few weeks ago. I was excited to try to finish the route when my Zion trip became rained out. My motivation and training allowed me to send after a couple days of reworking the moves. I was really happy when I was able to do the hardest moves very quickly. Due to the crux being a throw off one finger it is difficult to fully commit. I think that I was just ready to hurt my finger and found out that I didn’t, so it was cool to see the moves come together. The rest of the climb is pretty mellow as it’s hand jams and the finish is after a no hands knee bar rest.
Congrads to Jason for his send and hard work.

Also I was lucky enough to make the cover of the 2010 Climbing Magazine’s Gear Guide.
What a week.

Next week I will head back out to the desert to play on some more sandstone cracks.

I am really glad that you have visited my blog.
Thanks and I hope to see and hear from you soon.
Rob Pizem

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