CORE Movie Review

Last night Jane and I went to watch Chuck Fryburger’s new climbing movie called CORE in Boulder, Co. The theme of the night was 80’s rock bands and many of the audience dressed up for the prizes from the nights sponsors.
As the lights went out there was a buzz in the air and Chuck’s vision came to life.
We watched a catchy intro and some heart pumping bouldering and sport climbing footage that was cleverly interspersed with comic relief from the climbers. Local talent received hoots and hollers as the movie pressed on. It culminated with one of the all time greats Fred Nicole sending his project in Switzerland and telling us that climbing is in our own eyes and that there are only natures rules.
I liked the film, but as usual I need time to process. When I see it again I know that I will enjoy it even more. Don’t hesitate to witness Chuck’s work, the colors the angles and the climbers are all impressive and talented.

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