The Race

Well, we had a great day to run on Sunday (the 10 mile race near Grand Junction, CO)
Our results are on the following link:
The sky was clear and the temps were still just right. Jane and I completed the 10 miler in I don’t know how many minutes, but it was great to support each other along the way.
Actually, we now have the results: 1:46 minutes Jane was #9 in her age group and I was #12 in my age group! Wow, that is pretty cool! Overall we were numbers 47 adn 48 out of over a hundred racers. Middle of the pack sounds great to me as it was my first time competing.
We got to meet Charlie Mace (a great all around climber/mountain climber) and see some great competitors. As for Charlie Mace, he won his age division for the 51 and over and it was his first race too!

I got excited early on (since it was my first race) and was keeping a fast pace. Jane wondered if I would be able to maintain it throughout the entire race. I knew she was going the proper pace so I slowed down and was able to enjoy the rest of the trail. We traversed the Colorado River high and low and scampered up and down desert hillsides.
My knees felt good until mile 9 where I had to walk/run to the finish.
Sorry, no photos, (I have misplaced my camera) : (
Until next time.
piz : )

I am really glad that you have visited my blog.
Thanks and I hope to see and hear from you soon.
Rob Pizem

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