Twisting and Turning

Quarry wall at North Table, Some good routes but mostly a bit junky. Nice cause it’s not too busy these days.

Colorado Astronaut

Jesse heading up a mixed route in Golden. Easy climbing up cracks to a bouldery crux at the anchors.

Returning from our job interviews the highways were a mess. We luckily didn’t have any damage. Vail pass was shut down while we drove home. A few hours of sitting in the car was not planned!

Life has a way of always keeping you busy. For instance, my wife and I have been searching for a new place to move with one caveat, we both are able to get teaching jobs in the new city. This seemingly simple task has been one that has taken many hours of completing written and online job applications, writing essays, sending emails and letters of interest and scouring the net for any new opportunities.

Well, with a ton a work and time invested, things have finally progressed for us. We each were able to land teaching jobs in beautiful Grand Junction, Colorado. After sending applications literally around the world, we landed work just 4 hours from our current location. But what we didn’t realize was the coming whirl wind of events that would begin to unfold.
We now had to tell our friends and families, next, sell our house, finally find a new place in Junction. All the while finishing our current school years out, taking masters level college courses, and trying to fit in training running and climbing. Let’s just say it has been a real challenge and at times we have not been able to do all those things at once!

I am really glad that you have visited my blog.

Thanks and I hope to see and hear from you soon.

Rob Pizem

One thought on “Twisting and Turning

  1. Piz (and Jane);

    Good Job! Thanks for being such good examples for me. You guys really know what it means to live life rather than just survive it…a lesson I am trying to learn myself.


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