Fruita and House Hunting

Jane and I in the back of some ones pickup after we got a flat tire while mountain biking in Fruita, Colorado. Of course there was a storm coming, we had no flat repair kit and we were as far as we could have possibly been from the truck! Oh well folks are nice and we got a ride back to town. : )

Looking at Colorado National Monument. There is plenty of rock climbing to be done here!

A cool house that is buried in the sand in Fruita!

Me and mike the chicken who survived for days without his head. They have a festival in Fruita every year to celebrate. I had to join in!

The goofy slide show set up for the kids at Rockn Jamn South Gym. I had to dim the light otherwise the projector wouldn’t show up on the screen. So I built a tarped cave in a corner and it worked out perfectly! The kids loved it and we had a great time.

I am really glad that you have visited my blog. Thanks and I hope to see and hear from you soon. Rob Pizem

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