El Rito

Dave being belayed by his wife on the cobbles of El Rito, New Mexico. We climbed for two days over the long weekend on these highly featured rock climbs.

Jane and I had time on this casual weekend to hike after climbing to a waterfall near the camping area. We stopped and checked out this lean to someone had made in the woods.

The waterfall just up from the camping area at El Rito. It was a small falls with a small pool of crystal clear cool water. Below there was a grassy area to hang out of the sun where the late spring heat coudn’t get to you. I haven’t been on many climbing trips where I had time to relax and this one was a nice change.

Jane and I at the waterfall. I rarely get her in front of the camera and was lucky enough on this day! She’s nice : )

The Meyer’s. Dug (the fiesty Jack Russel Terrier) the dog was grumpy and did not want to be photographed at this moment in time.

3 thoughts on “El Rito

  1. Kendrick, I just hiked up the road where people camp. I camped on the right side as you drive in and then found a trail back in the woods and it turned into a 4×4/atv trail and the falls were just 10 minutes from where we camped. Sorry, I can not be more specific. It has been a while!

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