My former students outside Fulford Cave in Eagle, Colorado. They got a little muddy, tired, scared, bruised and full of new and awesome memories! Great job guys. Hope your car didn’t break down on the way home.

Yeah, it snowed on my birthday. Kebler Pass outside Crested Butte.

Matt Peacock being belayed by my lovely wife Jane. We hung out in Crested Butte, climbed at Taylor with her brother Matt and watched the A-Team after a nice dinner with a crappy waiter. The picknick on the river before the rain came was pretty sweet.

The view from Crested Butte South. Jane’s brother lives just down the street right next to Cement Creek and is always great about inviting us over.

The view from Cottonwood Pass (looking to the west). Jane and I took the pass to Crested Butte and played catch with the softball at the reservoir on the Taylor River. It’s a beautiful drive and pretty mellow for a Colorado mountain pass.

So I turned 34 this weekend. What have I learned? Well, that I am not invincible anymore. When I was in my later teens and even through my 20’s I felt invincible. I would ski fast, bike hard, climb days in a row and never feel the pain. Well that is all changing. No matter how much I train or work out or run, I still have those days where I feel like a beat up doormat.

Currently, I am feeling rough from establishing a route on Mt Evans. My back is killing me from jugging and swinging around the overhanging wall putting in bolts, cleaning and working the route. Now that it’s been a week of waking up with major back pain I have realized that rest is going to be the only solution. I guess that is just the way it is for us humans. We wear out just like a pair of climbing shoes.

Enjoy the pictures of my birthday weekend. I climbed, caved and hung out with my wife and some close friends. That is what it’s all about anyway.
I am really glad that you have visited my blog. Thanks and I hope to see and hear from you soon.

Rob Pizem

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