Tehipite (some more)

First off, you haven’t seen any climbing yet because it took about 6 days before we got to do any. So, I am making you wait and giving you the details. Here is mike b sitting in the cold water washing off on our first rest day. Hiking and cleaning and jugging up and down the wall three days in a row crushed us. We could have gone to 4 and 5 days in a row but it wouldn’t have been good for our bodies and we wouldn’t have been able to climb the harder pitches first or second go. Mike, loves the cold water and sat there for a long long time enjoying the high sierra summer temps.

Each walk was through a burned out forest and every step was like walking through ash from a fire. We were very very dirty. Every part of our bodies were covered with ash and the only way to get rid of it was to wash in the creek at our camp.

We did pass by some beautiful wildflowers on our trail everyday and it was a nice contrast to the the burned trees and ash on the forest floor.

Yes my legs are that white and yes my feet were that dirty. I made the mistake of only bringing two pairs of socks and I made that first pair suffer until they died in the fire on the last night!

Ari passing one of the creek crossings on our hike to the wall. This water was clean enough to drink without purifying it but we did anyway. Most of the time we just filled our bottles and added a drop of bleach to it and called it good. Tasted just like home.

piz : )

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