Ouray Backpacking

Jane at the top of the pass. She was really happy at this point because we were at the highest point of the trail and it was basically all down hill from here. Beautiful scenery, the headwaters of streams, soft high alpine grasses and shrubs. What a place to camp and watch the sunset!

On day two, the trail crossed the base of this rotten cliff band. We saw a ton of mountain goats traversing the top of the wall above us and as Jane was crossing a section of washed out trail. The goats sent down boulders and luckily Jane was able to scamper out of the way back to me. Otherwise she was going to be crippled or dead from all the rockfall and the gully that she was barely standing in.

At the bottom of the mountain, we came to the river and could see how high the water rose from the flash flood, just two weeks before.

Jane cruising through the hillside with flowers as tall as her! It drizzled on and off that day, but it was still awesome.

Sound of Music anyone. Ahhh yeah.
Get out and have fun!
piz : )

2 thoughts on “Ouray Backpacking

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