Zion Weekend

Looking up at hundreds of feet of loose, scary and dangerous rock above in the Zion Narrows!

Looking down the narrows from 200+ feet up in the narrows. I ended the second pitch on top of a ledge with no cracks and loose sand at a 45degree angle and was crippled with fear as I hauled up the hand drill to get an anchor in. In the meantime there were touroids standing in the rockfall zone directly below. If I didn’t kill myself or Mike with loose rock, I thought that one of those folks in the river below were going to get it! Luckily we didn’t harm ourselves or others and got to climb an amazing line (and add our own last pitch) called the Omen the next day

Hauling the pig on the wall. This was by far one of the chossiest adventures that I had been on. I was knocking off loose rock with every move and even if my shoulders bumped the rock something came flying off. We finished 230 feet of this thing, hand drill a rap anchor and were out of there. It was way to crappy to spend the time on when there is so much good rock to climb on in the park!

I got stuck in some quicksand on the way to try a new route in the Zion Narrows. When we got there and were ready to hike, the river was still closed due to all the rain that they had in the park the previous week! We were totally bummed but asked the ranger if it was going to open and we lucked out because the water level was low enough for us to get into the route safely. Mike was contemplating the fine if the narrows had remained closed.

This is what it looked like when I left home on Thursday after work! I was driving through pounding hail and rain and stopped to get this cool photo.

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