Wet Weekend

Well, this weekend we spent trying to shoot some video in the poor weather. It seemed like it was a bad idea from the iffy forecast, but we tried anyway. So Nelson came out from Chuck Fryberger Films in Golden and we tried to shoot some climbing and non climbing footage for the new action sports film. It was the first time that I had worked with Chuck’s baby, The Red. This is a video camera and it takes a bit longer to set up because it is so advanced. Shooting climbing or not The Red takes amazing footage, but requires a bit more time to set up. Trying to get a shot in between rain storms was a challenge every time!
I am interested to see how Chuck’s latest brainchild shapes up and am happy to be invited to be a part of the film. However, the weather was so poor all weekend, we will be shooting again soon. Have a great week and get outside!
piz : )

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