100th Blogpost!

Jane is a pain in my butt. She is interrupting my thought process for this monumental 100Th post. (just kidding)
Anyway, as I look back on 2010, I think it was a good year.
I completed teaching in the Denver area and moved to Grand Junction where the living is easier and more relaxed. I was able to establish 4 more routes at the Possibility Wall at Mount Evans during the summer months. I finally was able to climb a route in Zion that I had wanted to for over ten years and for the first time was totally let down over a routes quality (Sunshine Dihedral in Kolob Canyons). With friends Mike Brumbaugh and Ari Menitove, we established a new bigwall free climb in Kings Canyon National Park, California. I was invited to speak at the Squamish Mountain Festival in Canada. I went home to Ohio to visit my family for thanksgiving and spent winter break in Colorado Springs with Jane’s family. On the western slope, I was able to establish over 10 new routes between Unaweep Canyon, Bangs Canyon and Colorado National Monument. In the Black Canyon, I managed an El Cap day without any training. I picked up hitchhikers, climbed at Red Rocks, Rifle, Indian Creek and Canyonlands National Park. I failed at completing a new route in the Zion Narrows due to terrible rock quality. Jane and I ran the Cleveland Turkey Trot and she took third and I took 48Th (I think). I bike to work when the weather is nice and set routes and boulder problems at the local climbing gym. I have a real fish tank with cool cichlids thanks to Charles Pollet and the DC Oakes Fish Club. We met some great folks in Grand Junction and have really began to settle in. One of the highlights was a backpacking trip to Ouray where Jane and I did a loop up and over the mountains and seeing lots of wildlife.
I am looking forward to the new challenges and adventures of 2011.
I foresee many trips including: out of the country, back to Ohio, out to Zion, into the Black, and into the Monument. I am trying to dream big and make them all come true, some today and others tomorrow while always keeping my eyes on the prize.
Thanks for joining me on my adventures past and present and I am excited for another 100 posts in the coming year!
piz : )

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