The other half of break

Andi from Austria on the left and THE ANDY Reather on the right. We are at Red Rocks just outside Vegas and going to put some gear in the cracks! Andi was my main climbing partner while I lived in Salzburg, Austria a few years back. He is on the road living the dream and it was great to have a day cragging with him. Andy Reather is a good buddy and I wanted to visit him this winter. By the way Andy R still crushes rocks. That is all that I have to say about that.

Me on something fun and pumpy at the end of the day.

Andy R onsighting a sketchy 5.12 gear route. I was proud. My little Andy is growing up and plugging the gear into the rock with great skill and confidence! Kim is on the belay his wonderful lady!

Andi, Kim and Andy. It was a little nippy, but we survived, made it to three crags in one day and then destroyed some amazing pizza in town in the evening!

Andi from Austria taking care of business on some fun arete. This was the last route of the day and we were so tired from all the pitches and battling the cold.

piz : )

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