Natural anchors on a desert splitter.

Jesse is moving rocks cause, he grew bored from the mega long belay session that he had graciously just given me! Thanks man.

Hey George! Mt. Rushmore rocks.

The needles of South Dakota. Ah yeah.

The rock in the Mt. Rushmore is so varied. Tiny crystals to ones as large as a fist. Flaky, junky rock to perfect granite. Smooth as a babies bottom and rough as sandpaper. What a place to loose skin at!

The weather is getting better here in Grand Junction. We had a few weeks of wicked cold and crappy outdoor rock climbing conditions. I have been training indoors (strength and conditioning), running and trying to be ready for when things look better. I climbed a little tower yesterday after work and hope to play on another this weekend. First free ascent maybe? Who knows, if we are lucky. It is great living here on the western slope because there is so much rock that hasn’t been climbed and because the adventure level is so high. There is always a little spice involved in any route. Not so much as to get hurt on but just enough to get you thinking and make you slow down.
piz : )

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