Excitement in the Air

There is nothing like getting excited about a new project. No matter if it is an established climb or one that you just found. You are certain to think about it all the time. Get sweaty palms, rehearse the moves in your head and look at photos of it when you are away.
Then when you get to the gym, you do everything that you can to try to prepare for the movements on the route. You do your best to make sure that you are precisely placing your feet, standing of similar footholds and grabbing similar holds. You ask the gym manager if you can move a hold around to make things more real and then repeat the process over and over.
Meanwhile you are checking the weather forecast, calling up partners, planning and doing everything you can to make sure that you are ready on the next climbable day. Now it is time to clean your gear, check your shoes and look at the photos again.
If it is a long route, you spend time looking over your notes of rests, gear placements and particulars that cannot be forgotten.
Finally, you get your weather forecast and your climbing partner is ready. It is go time. Now you are standing at the base of the climb with all that preparation behind you. Are you ready? Is your head straight? Are you relaxed and a bit excited? I hope so.
Now you know where my head has been the last few weeks. I am just waiting now, for the weather. Let’s hope it pays off and I can send!

piz : )

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