next to the healing springs in Val di Mello

On a wet hike in Val di Mello

Enjoying the views in Val di Mello


Our Italian hosts Luca and Efrem from Premana, Italy. These brothers can hike and run in the mountains that is for sure. I was out of breath the whole time trying to keep up with these two! Thanks so much guys for all that you did for us.

Its been a busy two months.

Let’s see where to begin.

I left at the beginning of June after school let out for Italy to rock climb.

After my knee gave out just a few days into the month long trip.

I flew home and needed to have knee surgery to remove most of the cartilage in my right knee.

Luckily I was able to walk on it just one day after going under the knife.

Also, at that time my wife and I were remodeling the home that we just bought.

Painting and redoing the floors were on the agenda.

Getting all that done before the baby came was the game plan.

After many pitfalls and challenges with the home remodel and the knee surgery we completed the job and took some R&R in Ohio with my family.

It was amazing to rest and relax with my parents and siblings and their families.

Now that we are back home for the first time we are settling in and enjoying the fruits of our hard word.

Also, Jane has begun the prelabor and the baby can come at any time in the next few weeks.

And I am climbing again.

Life is good even though there are many bumps in the road.

Enjoy the photos and get outside!!!
piz : )

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