The Outdoor Retailer 2011

I will be leaving for the OR in Salt Lake City, Utah later this week. It is a great time because I get to see lots of friends and get some face time with the amazing sponsors that have taken a chance with me as a climber, but more importantly as a person.

Sterling Ropes
Check out and buy their gear online or at your local outdoor shops!

Rock climbing is what I love to do, but there is certainly more to it as a sponsored athlete.
It is about promoting the sport, the outdoors and the climbing community as a whole.
Being a positive role model for others and giving back when you can.
These are the things that I strive to do as a person and as a climber.

So, while I am checking out the new gear for this coming winter and talking with reps and friends from all of the world I hope that you are outside having fun.
While you will be getting it on in the mountains or at some crag, boulder, or gym I will be talking about my plans for the next year.
More desert tower first free ascents, more new sport and traditional and mixed routes in Unaweep Canyon, a sandstone splitter or two and even a new bigwall route or two.
I plan on raising my soon to be newborn child with my wonderful wife and getting outside.
Even if I don’t get all those new routes done this year, next year will be one to remember!
Get outside!
piz : )

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