So I took my wife, mother-in-law and Rowan to the candy shop here in Grand Junction. This place makes the good stuff. Each candy was way expensive. I just looked and wished while there.

 Jane, Diana and Rowan on a hot summer day in Grand Junction.

 Inside the sweet sweet chocolate factory! They had it all and it smelled so good.

 Rowan’s first sponge bath. It was a new experience to say the least.

 Rowan and our camping pillow. We are using cloth diapers and these ones are nice and fashionable.

 Kind of a fuzzy shot but he kept moving. When looking at my old baby pictures, we realized that I didn’t get my curls until 3 years old. So the verdict will be out until then if he is going to end up with a red fro.

At 6.5 lbs and almost 20 inches, here sits a beast!
piz : )

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