New Routing

I have been back at it up in Unaweep Canyon climbing and new routing with the precious few moments in between Rowan time.
I was able to climb some routes that I had never been on before and onsighting is always the best. It makes you remember what climbing is all about. Redoing warm-ups at the same crag and then projecting your next route is fun, but slaying routes one after another and having to figure them out and overcome fear is where it is at for me. I like doing a hard route that I have to get to know intimately on burn after burn but most of the time it is more satisfying to take on new challenges all the time instead of wiring one challenge and making it your you know what.
So today I just got back from another adventure with a heavy pack with an unknown outcome. Fortunately, I actually arrived where I was supposed to before the sun rose and only had minor issues getting to where I wanted to be.
I tore my backpack, almost rapped off the end of the rope, had to self belay to retrieve my rap line from where it was stuck all before 8 am this morning! In the end I am psyched with the new mixed climbs that I bolted and cleaned. Now I am sitting here itching to get back out there to give then their first leads and see how crazy they are to climb and protect. Until then I will play with my boy and watch him grow up!

 At the belay enjoying the perfect afternoon temps in Unaweep Canyon! Shade is where it is at.

Jesse looking at me like he did something wrong. He was racking up for our new route.

The upper piece of stone that I bolted and cleaned today. It may not look like much but there is some amazing climbing to be done.

Get outside and have an adventure.
piz : )

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