Thoughts on Being a Dad

SO, I have been a dad for almost three weeks now and a husband for three years now too. What have I learned? Well you have to work at being a good dad just like you have to work at being a good husband! Having Rowan in my life is really amazing. Simple things like watching him sleep or eat or wiggle or zone out has been wonderful. For me I have always liked but not loved other peoples kids. I was never taken back so much that I couldn’t sleep or so in love with them them that I wanted to see all those little things. I was happy to just see the kid, hold it or play with them and be on my merry way. But now that I am a dad now and it it is my kid, I am beginning to understand. When it is yours it means something special and you want to see it experience everything good or bad and you want to be there for it no matter what. (well that is how i feel at least) Anyway, I am so happy to be a dad and so happy to be a parent with my wife Jane. She kicked butt making the baby, delivering the baby and now sharing taking care of the baby. Right now Rowan is sleeping in my lap, wiggling, squirming and doing who knows what with his hands and feet. He squeaks when he moves and likes to stick his tongue out. He lies there sleeping like he threw down at a party the night before and can’t control his movements. Tiny hands scratch his face, make little fists and wipe his mouth. I can only wonder what the heck he is dreaming about right now since he can’t really see more than a few inches. Maybe loud noises and bright lights? It doesn’t matter really, just that I will always love this little guy and can’t wait to bring him along some grand adventures.

This is right after he pooped on me for the first time. I didn’t and don’t even mind!
Get outside and have some fun!

piz : )

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