7lbs 7oz

Rowan just got weighed in and was 7.7lbs.
That is good thing, he is growing fast and we are attempting to get him on some kind of 3 hours schedule.
One thing to make note of is that he is a ferocious eater.
He makes noise(grunting noises) grabs for the bottle or boob as it may be and chugs down his milk or formula like an animal. I have had to only let him feed for no more than 10 seconds at a time because he will overflow his mouth and spill it all over his chest. Also, he puked up on me for the first time this morning.
It’s is wonderful to see how much a baby changes over these first few weeks. He is almost 4 weeks old now and developing his personality.

After eating he stays up longer, his eyes are wide open and checking out whatever he can see and he loves to look at the bright lights or bright colors.
While he is sleeping, I am going to head outside and have an adventure!
piz : )

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