Cleveland Slide Show

 Flying over the rockies, heading home to Cleveland!

 Setting up the projector in the yoga room at the Cleveland Rock Gym. What a great space to give a slide show. Yeah, Rowan is my screen saver!

 Opening up the AWESOME PRIZE from Sterling Ropes, a 100 gift card!!!

 Opening up the AWESOME PRIZES from SCARPA!!!

 Setting up the sound for the show with my wife and friends from town.

 The grand prize winner at the slide show! It pays to know your biology trivia at my shows.

 The timeless Cleveland Rock Gym. Great for community and getting strong. Thanks to Chris Allen for setting this up.

 SCARPA gear to give away.

 Free goodies.

 A cool way to practice your jamming. Chris Allen the gym owner.

Thanks to mom and dad for being Jane and my first baby sitters. Not only was it the first climbing slide show at the Cleveland Rock Gym but it was the first evening where Jane and I were away from Rowan.

piz : )

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