Ames Ice Hose

Things looked grim in Ouray so we headed to Telluride for the Ames Ice Hose.

Chris Alstrin and I were meeting Jesse to go and climb some ice. While we were at the Arcteryx house in Ouray the night before we set some booby traps for our friends in the house. The chairs would come together when someone tripped on the webbing, knocking down everything in sight! Unfortunately they saw our game and stepped over the trap. Better luck next time!

The ice hose is in the middle of this photo.

This is a better shot fo the whole thing. It is just on the other side of the road from Ophir, Colorado and a pretty short hike from the road.

Jesse and Marni at the parking lot in the morning. Dang there were two cars already there.

Hiking to the route down the slippery slope

The practice area before you get to the Ames Ice Hose. It was running because it hadn’t been too cold as of late. A bit dangerous to be climbing on that waterfall. Top roping only.

Jesse, Chris, and Craig at the base of the route. Since we were shooting video we needed to get a rope above Jesse and Craig was the man for the job. A visiting climber from Idaho wanted to climb as much new ice as possible and Craig was really good to watch.

Craig soloing the first pitch. The route was pretty “picked out” so you didn’t really have to swing the ice tools very hard. “Picked out” means that enough people have climbed the ice already and that there were already ice tool holes and foot holds made. Basically, it means that it is easier to climb when a route is picked out. You just place the tool in the hole rather than swinging it and breaking the ice.

Chris shooting Jesse on the first pitch

Chris shooting Jesse on the second pitch. It was just as wide as your shoulders and super fun!

Me hanging at a belay

Me on the second pitch. So narrow and so perfect!

Looking up on pitch 2

Chris staying warm at the last belay.

Jesse getting ready to lead the final pitch of ice.

Jesse heading up the last 200 feet of ice.

As the day progressed the snow began to fall. There was a lot of snow falling in a short time!
Get outside and have an adventure!
piz : )

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