Winter OR

 We arrived in Salt Lake and it took Chris a little while to find his pass, oh wait, he was going to be me on this trip!

 Hanging at the CAMP booth, so many awesome toys!

 The coolest bouldering pads and gear.

 Jesse and Andy getting down to business.

 I made sure that this tri cam was the correct size, HUGE! It doubles as a weapon on the rough streets of SLC.

 Dinner with the Burr’s.

 The newest Burr, So cute and cuddly. I got my time in cuddling and it was nice : )

 We got to see a real fireman…. NOT just a tool box.

 Keith, Dave and Chris at the pose down.

 Chris sniffing out the good give-aways at all the booths. He left no booth unchecked!

 Phil Powers of the American Alpine Club introducing the mountain man of the century.

 I was psyched to help out during the filming of this small get together and Q and A session with R. Messner.

Parting shot of another legend, Fred Becky. Yes, he is still hitting on the ladies!

The OR is about reconnecting with your friends and sponsors. I would like to thanks all mine in no particular order for another great year of working together. Thanks so much, John at Sterling, Laura at Arcteryx, Jesse at CAMP, Colleen at SCARPA, Keith at Wind-Xtreme and the Eric at the American Alpine Club!

Now I hope the weather stays good for next weekend and some climbing of the cracks. In the meantime its back to taking care of my boy, working with the high school kids and cleaning the house because Jane is hosting the girls and book club this week! Time to make sure that the toilets are clean.
Get outside and have an adventure.
piz : )

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