Recently we had a death in my wife’s family. It was sad to see her grandpa go but wonderful to get to spend time with the rest of her loving family. In the days that passed the miles of driving back and forth Jane, Rowan and I all got the flu. So now here we are experiencing the lows of death, the highs of seeing family and back to the lows of being sick. That is life I guess. I have even been unlucky enough to have a gotten some back spasms from all the coughing and am now laid up at home unable to move or walk. Oh well that is life. And to think that just days before I had my break through day on my project and could see the end of the journey. Now who knows how long it will take to get back into shape after what will be 3 weeks of being sick and injured.
On another note I am working on a list of slab, sport, crack and off width for around the Grand Junction area for anyone that cares. One of the folks that I train wanted to have some way to become a more well rounded climber. He suggested me making a list for him. Now knowing that I don’t know every climb in the area, I will go ahead and put something together based on things that I have done and get that posted here soon.

Be well and get outside and have some fun! Right now I am stuck in bed and next to a computer and my by who can crawl better that me these days.
 piz : )

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