The Piz List

The Piz List

This is a collection of Western Slope climbs that will test your abilities in all aspects of climbing. It has a variety of climbs on a variety of rock type is is by no means a list of testpieces. It allows you to go and climb some slab, sport, crack and multipitch routes in and around the Grand Junction area. Some of the routes are my own, but most routes have been here for years and are totally classic.
The point is not so much that you can tick them all off, but more so that you can climb a bunch of diffrent stlyes and have some fun doing it. Some of the climbs are adventures in themselves and a great way to get you out of your comfort zone. For the most part all the climbs are in the 5.10/11 range with a few harder and a few easier. I was attempting to give that level of climber a list of things to go and try and see what they can do.
The most important thing is not so much completing the list, but to build and master the skills needed to complete the list. Then you can go out and climb anywhere and have a good time whether you are clipping bolts or putting in gear. I included boulder problems because there are some great ones around town that allow you to work on some of those skills that I am trying to get you to work on.
Here is a list of the skills that I intend to be focused on while doing all these routes.
-route finding

-all kinds of jams
-relaxing on route
-core tension
-heights/getting off the deck
-rope work
-clipping bolts
-placing gear
-wide stuff
-and a few more

Most or all of the climbs are located on and are close to town. Just ask for some beta and I can help you out too. Have fun and let me know how things go. I hope to bump into you as you are chasing down these climbs!


1 Bullet Hole Rock Slab problems/TR’s

2 Menudo on We at Dynamite Shacks

3 Circle Square and Triangle Colorado National Monument

4 Simple mind at Sunday Wall/Unaweep

5 Optical illusion at Sunday Wall/Unaweep

6 Catch a Wave at Sunday Wall/Unaweep

7 Cro-Magnons from Space at Mothers/Unaweep

8 High Noon/upper Mighty Mouse Wall Unaweep

9 Evergreen/Upper Mighty Mouse Wall Unaweep

10 Private Idaho/ Upper Mighty Mouse Wall Unaweep


1NeverCry Wolf Liberty Cap

2 Cool Breeze Liberty Cap

3 F/S Liberty Cap

4 Steppin On it Liberty Cap

5 Osiris Liberty Cap

6 100ft of Hands Tiara

7Flapper Tiara

8 Soren Roof Tiara

9 S Crack Escalante

10 Reddnek Justice Escalante


1 80 Feet of Meat Rifle

2 Choss Family Rifle

3 Fire Arms Rifle

4 Rumor Has It Rifle

5 Liquid Charcoal Bangs Canyon

6 Left most sport route Spaceballs Wall (Soon to be posted on Mt Project)

7 Jesses Slab (about 5 routes to teh right of the left most route) Spaceballs Wall

8 Rowans Arete Cave Buttress Mothers

9 Cromagnons from Space  Cave Buttress

10 Pumporama Rifle


1 Medicine Man Colorado National Monument

2 Kissing Couple Colorado National Monument

3 Scenic Cruise Black Canyon

4 Doppleganger Unaweep Lower Mothers

5 Echoes Sunday Wall Unaweep

6 In Search of Suds Canyonlands Washer Woman

7 Spec One Defecating Monk Colorado National Monument (Ask me for Beta)

8 Ribbed Buttress Colorado National Monument

9 That’s All I’m Asking for  Unaweep Wall

10 Sweet Sunday Serenade Sunday Wall Unaweep

Get outside and have some fun!

piz : )

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