Red Rock Rendezvous Class Notes

Hope to see you all out in Las Vegas, Nevada this weekend.
I will be teaching an Intro to Traditional Climbing Class on Saturday and Sunday.
It’s not to late to sign up and get in on the action!

Here is the breakdown of the class that you will be missing with me!

1 Introduction to the Gear and Racking

– Cams vs. Nuts vs. Tricams vs. Ballnuts
– Carabiners and Lockers
– Slings, Harnesses, Helmets and Shoes
– Racking

2 Using the Gear for Lead Climbing
– Placing Nuts
– Placing Cams
– Think of Your Partner Too!

3 Building and Breaking Down Anchors – SRENE/ERNEST
– Building Anchors for Top Roping

– Building Anchors while on a Route
– Breaking Down your Anchor

4 Risks, Stress, and Decision Making
– Bigwall/Multipitch Etiquette
– Preclimb Decisions
– On Route Decisions
– Falling
– Risk Comes in Many Forms (health, rock danger, gear danger, weather, on route hazards (ledges/traverses/other climbers)
– There is Always Tomorrow : )
5 Safety
– Climbing Again Tomorrow is the Number One Priority!
– Commands
– Pay Attention to the Weather
– This Route Sure isn’t What We’d Imagined!

Also a day of climbing with me will be auctioned off on Saturday night as a fundraiser for the American Alpine Club. I will make it a day that you will never forget!

Get out and enjoy the great temperatures and the changing seasons!

piz : )

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