Chainsaw Friday

I have been looking forward to this Friday for a little while. We have a big tree at the edge of the property that is ugly and falling apart with every big windstorm. So in order to make my and my neighbors yards safer, we are going to chop it down.

Unfortunately due to its shape, the angle of the terrain and the location of the house and the waterlines, we can not drop it in one piece. It will require taking it down little by little, branch by branch.
Either way at the end of the day I will have a safer yard and be able to provide a nice place for my boy to play.

My dad and I had to take down the dangerous trees that were near the house that I grew up in and after I learned how to do it, I used to go to the woods and find standing dead trees and chop them down with an axe. I was not allowed to use the chainsaw without supervision at that age, but I could use the axe anytime that I wanted. It was during those chopping sessions that I learned how to drop a tree where ever I wanted it to fall and where I got hit in the head from one of the branches that came down from over a hundred feet up. What a day that was as it split across my skull and knocked me to the ground. Not a large enough diameter to kill me or break my neck, but enough to lay me out on the forest floor.
Needless to say I won’t have that problem this afternoon. This one is smaller and has more tiny branches than anything.

Cheers to John B at Sterling Ropes, I know he would want to chop this one up with me!
I will post some photos of the afternoon after we finish the job!

piz : )

One thought on “Chainsaw Friday

  1. My neighbor went nuts and hired someone to cut the part of the tree that hangs on her side of the property line. She came out hysterical and screaming at me, posting no tresspassing signs on a roped off line between our yards. I hadnt said or done anything to her yard ever. In the past whatever she has asked I have taken care of(fixed leaky water line, raked leaves whatever she asked). I dont know what brought this on but it is sheer madness. Screaming fits, hyperventalating, and not letting me even say a word.
    I guess I am lucky, she paid to have the whole tree taken out and I just had to chop up the pieces on the ground with some good neighbors and friends. Oh well. Crazy was the afternoon, I have never been beraded like that in my life for not doing anything.

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