Janes Race (1/2 Marathon)

 The prerace check in. We were both sleepy that Saturday morning. It was chilly in Palisade with the cool morning breeze coming down the side of the Grand Mesa into town and crossing over the Colorado.

 Jane getting a few more minutes with her favorite man! This was Rowans first race and Jane’s first of 2012. She wasn’t really training for this one, just some longer races later in the year but thought that this would be a fun one to do since it was so close to home.

 Our happy boy doing his thing at the starting area.

 Jane just before the race. She always wears that purple shirt on races. She loves it but I don’t like purple, I must say that it is easy to see her when everyone takes off cause everyone else likes to wear other colors.

 The mass of half marathoners heading out of the gates at the starting line. Jane is in the back sizing up her competition.

 At the end of the half, only one woman passed through the finish line before Jane. YEAH SECOND PLACE!!!! Not her best time but with a mean hill on this course it was pretty good! Way to go love!

 Jane’s giant trophy.

 Jane’s favorite trophy!

Post race stretch.

What did Rowan and I do while Jane was working hard on the course, we ate cheese danish and hung out with friends. It was a great day!
piz : )

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