Attention Rifle Mountain Park Climbers

This is from the Access Fund with respect to attempting to get the lower canyon of Rifle opened to climbing. It was open once and with your help can be open again.
We need your help to expand climbing at Rifle Falls!
Climbing is allowed in Rifle Mountain Park, but is currently banned in the lower canyon. The newly merged Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) Commission, which is strongly oriented toward hunting and fishing, owns this portion of the canyon and has the authority to allow climbing at Rifle Falls. But on May 10, 2012, they summarily denied a petition by the Rifle Climbers Coalition and Access Fund to allow climbing.
But there is an opportunity to turn this situation aroundnewly passed Colorado legislation orders a new 11 voting member CPW Commission.

Please call Governor Hickenlooper’s office (303-866-2885) and/or use our easy-to-use letter writing tool to encourage the Governor to appoint new Commissioners who can govern Park and Wildlife resources with an eye to wildlife management and recreation.

Your Friends at the Access Fund and Rifle Climbers Coalition
This is a great way to help out the canyon and get more climbs of all grades established in park.
Make a call today!

piz : )

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