Unaweep Climbing with Ari

 Splittersville in Unaweep! New route that I have cleaned and need to send.

 Always great views from the crag in Unaweep Canyon.

 Who’s that hiding in the bush?

 Oh, that must be the crackmaster, Ari Menitove crushing in GJ.

 I just started wearing the SCARPA Boostix and they are soft and supple and fit wonderfully. The two opposign velcrow straps are great for keeping the shoes snug and for quick on/off. I used them for all these crack and face climbs this weekend and was way happy with how they handled. I am sold and love these shoes.

 Ari enjoying the slow climbing of Unaweep. These routes are tricky and never go where you think they will.

 What do I want from here?

I will be putting up a new route on the right arete sometime this year. Should be an adventure but will be an awesome and beautiful line that is exposed and interesting.
Get outside and have an adventure!

piz : )

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