I was sick. I felt like I had no energy. I had no balance. I tried.
The weather was good enough at times but the two day snow storm was full on.
I brought my light sleeping bag and needed boiling water in water bottles in my bag to sleep at night.
When it was sunny, it was t-shirt weather.
On the South Houser, I put on and took off my hoody 20 times.
We barely made it back to camp before the gnar was unleased from the clouds.
Being inside of a lightening storm is scary and cool at the same time.
I pooped at an open air portolet at about 9000ft with the most spectacular view around.
I travel with awesome folks who took care of me when I was really ill, thanks mike!!!!
I couldn’t talk for 2-3 days of this trip.
There was vomit on the screen of the tent where I slept.
The most comfoy pillow of this trip was a static rope and my rain jacket.
I read 5 books during this climbing trip or was it a reading trip. I don’t know.
Flying in a helicopter is as cool as it sounds.
I met the colorado boys and the austrians. They were nice and fun to talk with.
I superman jumped a crevass.
I slide down steep glacier slopes on my butt.
I had to wear crampons.
I got sunburn and my nose began to bleed.
I got rained on.
The stars were beautiful.
The sunsets were priceliss.
The hike out was hell.

I will post some photos when I get them. I think you will enjoy what I kind of experienced!
piz : )

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