So, this summer has been a busy one. Not that last year wasn’t busy with a trip to Europe, a trip to Ohio, buying and remodeling a house, knee surgery, and having a baby wasn’t packed enough but this felt different.
This time around I still had a trip to Zion national park, a trip to Ohio, a trip to Canada and all the summer weekends and partial weeks were booked with things to do from June 1 till August 12. Plus the fact that I got a new job and have been sick the last month, I feel worked, destroyed, kaput.

As I lay in my tent in Canada at the Bugaboo Provincial Park with a sinus infection, puking and unable to stand cause of lack of balance I decided that I was going to quit climbing.
NOW, that was a bit drastic, but that was how I was feeling. I was too booked and just wanted to spend time with my wife and practically year old son. So, what I have concluded that is that I am not going to plan anything for next summer vacation. I am going to happily play it by ear and be able to do and participate in whatever comes up. This year I feel like I missed out on so many things that all my friends were doing in Junction, I feel out of touch and like I lost friends just because I was so jam packed with other stuff. This summer I look forward to being available for whatever.

Now if will be up to me to make sure that happens. Now does that mean that I won’t try to go to Zion again for another new routing adventure in the Narrows. No, but it does mean that I won’t be planning ten of those trips one right after another, thus killing my whole summer of other things.

 Rowan and the Peacock grandparents

 Rowan and the hose

Rowan and his new favorite playing area, the box as we call it. It is actually the inside of the ottoman.
Hope to see you all soon!
Get outside and have an adventure!
piz : )

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